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Flashes of War

The Airstream

Over the next few weeks we are going to be using the blog to shine a spotlight on the participants of the first installment of “Danger Close: Writers on War,” a series held at Brooklyn’s ACME Studio on November 2, 2013. This week is Katey Schultz, civilian author of Flashes of War.

The panel will include both veterans and civilians whose work engages with war and its aftermath. Award-winning NPR News correspondent Quil Lawrence will serve as moderator for a panel of veteran and civilian authors that will include Matt Gallagher, Brian Castner, Lea Carpenter and Katey Schultz. We hope to see you there!

Allow us to introduce Katey Schultz. Katey’s Flashes of War: Short Stories (Loyola University Maryland, 2013) recently won the Military Writers Society of America’s Gold Medal Award. Read what Duff Brenna of The Los Angeles Review of Books had to say about Katey’s debut collection:

Heartbreaking one moment, triumph the next. Stories filled with an immense humanity, all, together, detailing the trivia, the nonsense, the rudiments and the essentials. The nuts and bolts of war, its lifeblood, its jargon, its maddening absurdities and heroisms and senseless deaths and maimings are laid out in a clear, clean, rhythmic tessellation, united with a deceptively minimalist style that out-Carvers Carver and exposes the traumas of war without any breast-beating outrage. But outrage is what one feels. Outrage and exasperation, as well as a sense of satisfaction at Schultz’s adept achievement.

Katey holds an MFA from Pacific University and is a recipient of the Linda Flowers Literary Award from the North Carolina Humanities Council. She lives in a sweet 1970 Airstream trailer bordering the Pisgah National Forest. Katey’s work illustrates the power of civilian war writing and we are honored that she agreed to be included in this event. Buy her book HERE or buy a copy at the event!

Have a great week.


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