Wanted: Literary Mentees

You're the man now, dog.

You’re the man now, dog.

Are you a veteran embarking on a creative project? Maybe you are applying to college or graduate school and need somebody to edit your application essays. Maybe you are outlining a memoir or mulling a novel or just trying to jot down some thoughts. We want to help. Let us match you with a mentor to serve as a sounding board, supporter and independent advisor.

One of the hardest things about writing is finding a reader you trust. It can be difficult to part with early drafts. They are frequently raw with emotion. It’s a vulnerable time. But it is also a crucial part of the process. Finding a good reader can be the difference between publishing your work and storing it on your hard drive. Writers need guidance, they need deadlines and structure. These are some of the more contradictory bits of the creative life. This is why we want to give everyone time to stew in the woods, but we also want to grill them in the workshop. Crank the wheel, turn the scraps into sausage.

Here’s how the Words After War Literary Mentorship Program cranks: You contact us and briefly explain your hopes/dreams/current creative projects. We match you with an experienced volunteer. What happens after we make the introduction is largely up to you. Ideally we would like there to be at least THREE conversations between mentors and mentees, either online or in person, but if you two hit it off we have no problem with more than that. Get an apartment together for all we care. It’s a cold world out there, especially for fledgling artists.

What happens if the chemistry isn’t right? What if your mentor doesn’t GET you? We try again. The mentors are showing up in full force. People want to share their experience and expertise. Let them. Benefit from their knowledge. Learn from their mistakes. Obviously we hope this will be a two-way street. Three-way, if you count us over on the administrative end.

Interested in being a mentee (or mentor)? Contact DAVID via INFO at WORDSAFTERWAR dot ORG. Let’s build.

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