Writing Workshops

The Words After War writing workshops, beginning in New York City, provide no-cost, accessible, high-quality writing instruction for veterans, their families and civilian supporters. The writing workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for veterans, their families and civilian supporters to work and learn with established storytellers, who are most often veterans themselves.

We proceed on the assumption that writing and storytelling skills can be developed, as well as the belief that writing is a powerful tool in the journey to healing. Although writing is quite therapeutic, it is not a replacement for mental health therapy. We see our possibilities and limitations as an organization in that light, and do not aim to be anything more than a literary nonprofit that serves the veteran population.

We provide our workshop participants with both a welcoming environment and high-quality instruction. In each and every participant, we look for the intense desire to learn, to improve their craft, and to become skilled in their expression. We are a community that encourages its members to produce the very best writing that they are capable of producing.

Our workshops will build a national alumni network of active and engaged veteran novelists, poets, short story writers, journalists, visual storytellers, and creative non-fiction writers. Please join in supporting this important mission.