Let us begin by saying that we are constantly adding to our lists of resources, and these lists will grow as we grow. These lists are by no means meant to be comprehensive of every single resource available for veterans and heir families. We’ve compiled the lists with an eye towards quality rather than quantity, as well with a narrowness toward vets and writing resources. As new opportunities for vet writers are made available, we’ll do our best to update them here, as well as to notify the Words After War community when a great new resource has been posted.

We’ve designed these pages with the belief that a strong veteran community is best served when vets are given many different options from many different sources. Competition among nonprofits and academic institutions is healthy, but not if it negatively impacts the very population these organizations and institutions claim to be serving.¬†We’ve provided links to services from many different veterans service organizations (VSO), nonprofits, government agencies, academic institutions, and literary websites. The sole binding theme in our choices is that every one of the linked resources is an amazing opportunity for veterans. That’s it.

If you discover it here, please share it with your friends, families, and fellow veterans. Great resources need not be kept a secret.

Best of luck and keep writing.