Weekly Round-Up: “Leaked” Salinger Edition


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Welcome to the Words After War Weekly Round-Up: “Leaked” Salinger Edition. In this space we share seven links relevant to our mission of improving the military-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming.

I read one of the “leaked” Salinger stories that oozed online last week and have been mulling the moral implications ever since. The story, “The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls,” was an enjoyable read, but it’s a minor work. Maybe if I had first encountered “Bowling Balls” in an old paperback one pre-teen summer it would have packed more of a punch. Instead I read the scanned pages on Imgur after falling down a few Reddit-poked rabbit holes.

I’m sure these stories are still available for those who know their way around the shadier corners of the web. I’d encourage anyone interested to try and track them down. I don’t think these materials should be available solely to those who can afford to visit Princeton University. But the underwhelming material makes me wonder whether Salinger wasn’t some sort of privacy zealot, rather a writer who took quality control (very) seriously.

I have stories that I reread now and I think to myself, thank God nobody published these, I’d be ruined. If my life unfolds perfectly from here on out and I die a widely respected author/cultural figure, will my legacy be tarnished by the posthumous publication of these off-key ditties? I’ll be dead. Hopefully by then I’ll have other things to worry about.

To the links:

1. Service dogs for veterans.

2. Discover what writers read this year in The Millions.

3. Donation allows Florida’s Mission United to upgrade services, facility.

4. All the benefits of a Syracuse MFA without leaving the couch. Here’s Video Office Hours with George Saunders.

5. A great piece on literary self-loathing.

6. RIP legendary editor Peter Kaplan.

7. The 2014 Pushcart Prize winners.

Have a great weekend.


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