Weekly Round-Up: Pink Mist Edition

Pink Mist

Welcome to the Words After War Weekly Round-Up: “Pink Mist” Edition. In this space we share links relevant to our mission of improving the military-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming.

Please join us tonight, 2.1.14, at Hill & Dale bar for another installment of our Danger Close Reading Series – Danger Close: Pink Mist. Tonight we will feature our fist international writer, Owen Sheers, a Welsh poet, author and scriptwriter. Owen has published two poetry collections, one of which won a Somerset Maugham Award. His debut prose work, The Dust Diaries, was the 2005 Welsh Book of the Year. His first novel, Resistance, has been translated into ten languages. Pink Mist was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 and published by Faber in June 2013. In 2012, Owen was the Artist in Residence for the Welsh Rugby Union. We’re excited to bring this interesting and talented voice to our NYC supporters. See you there!

Here we go.

  1. An economics professor at Princeton takes on the moral hazard of an all-volunteer military in the New York Times.
  2. Check out this interview in The Awl with Adam Klein, the editor of an exciting new collection The Gifts of the State and Other Stories: New Writing from Afghanistan
  3. Elliot Ackerman wrote a smart review in the Daily Beast of the new novel, Carthage, from the insanely prolific author Joyce Carol Oates.
  4. The BBC gets into the weeds with a wonky look at the mammoth task for the military as they prepare to exit Afghanistan.
  5. A beautiful story from NPR of a soldier receiving a Silver Star for valor 30 years after a fire fight during the Cold War.
  6. The New York Times has a story on how some writers are now monetizing their appearances by charging fees to appear at their own books clubs.
  7. David Remnick has penned an in-depth and revealing article for the New Yorker on the Obama Presidency and the limitations of executive power.

Enjoy the weekend.



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