Weekly Round-Up: Dollar Short Edition


Welcome to the Words After War Weekly Round-Up: Dollar Short Edition. In this space we share seven links relevant to our mission of improving the veteran-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming.

After all the big city bustle surrounding our “Danger Close: Writing War in the Workshop” event in NYC this week it was a humbling downshift when I found myself unable to hack into our website in order to post this week’s round-up. Apologies to all those readers out there stumbling about, grasping for guidance and links.

But before we get into those, Brandon and I would like to extend our sincere thanks once again to the Hudson Park Library, moderator Helen Benedict, panelists Matt Gallagher, Phil Klay, Maurice Decaul and Mariette Kalinowski and the attentive, book-purchasing “Danger Close” audience. We look forward to more events and further opportunities to bridge the veteran-civilian divide.

And here we go with the links:

1. 50 years later, here are 5 novels about the JFK assassination, via Book Riot.

2. Here is a Flavorwire list of 50 books that define the last 5 years of literature.

3. Writing and distraction in the Internet Age.

4. Writing crime fiction in a safe country, via Los Angeles Review of Books.

5. Collecting and preserving the stories of Vietnam veterans.

6. Why aren’t more veterans enrolled at our most prestigious colleges? Slate investigates.

7. The NFL and veterans, via Business Insider.

As always, thanks for your time and support.


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