Words After War Weekly Round-Up


Final Days of Summer Round-Up

Weekly Round-Up No. 2

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the second installment of the Words After War Weekly Round-Up. In this space we share 7 links relevant to our mission of improving the veteran-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming. Thanks for your time and continued support. Here we go:

1. The life and influences of mysterious literary heavyweight and Navy veteran Thomas Pynchon is the subject of this long, knotty profile from New York Magazine.

2. Explore the continuing relationship between Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg and President Obama as Remsburg recovers from severe injuries sustained in Afghanistan.

3. Watch Air Force veteran and celebrated author James Salter on Charlie Rose, along with Paris Review editor Lorin Stein, novelist Mona Simpson and essayist John Jeremiah Sullivan.

4. Visit the work spaces of several prominent authors, including Jonathan Lethem, Julian Barnes and Jesymn Ward.

5. Read Air Force EOD veteran and author Brian Castner’s excellent piece in the New York Times.

6. The challenge of capturing a complex subject in a single sentence: War in six words.

7. Looking for a creative jump start? These writing prompts might help. What’s that? You need a little ambient noise to really get the job done? Bring the din of a busy coffee house to any writing table.

And a very special End of Summer bonus link: Please visit our brand new Writing Community Page, filled with amazing resources and interesting reading material.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.


The inaugural Words After War Writing Workshop, led by veteran and writer Matt Gallagher, will begin Sept. 23 at Mellow Pages Library in Brooklyn, NY. More details can be found here. The workshop is open to veterans and civilians alike. Chairs are filling fast. Join us and spread the word!

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