Weekly Round-Up: Veterans Day Edition

"Danger Close" 11/2/13. Brooklyn, NY.

“Danger Close” 11/2/13. Brooklyn, NY.

Welcome to the Words After War Weekly Round-Up: Veterans Day Edition. In this space we share seven links relevant to our mission of improving the veteran-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming.

We’d like to open this week’s round-up with another very sincere thank you to all those who came out for Danger Close last Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn. We packed ACME Studio (an inviting, creative, comfortable space), WAW co-founder Brandon Willitts showed off his public speaking skills with a brisk opening statement, and the panel, expertly moderated by Quil Lawrence, engaged the audience in a lively, thoughtful debate on the writing process, the effects of an all-volunteer force and many other issues pertinent to the military-civilian divide. Extra-special thanks to Matt Gallagher, Katey Schultz and Brian Castner. Buy their books!

On a personal note I’d like to share a brief Williamsburg anecdote. At this point giving “hipsters” guff is one of the more tiresome things a person can do, so I won’t label this person, simply share their behavior (without explanation, though I yearn for one, have had trouble sleeping ever since, my mind turning over everything I thought I’d ever known about the world and its inhabitants) and hope that it will, at the very least, provide some color, context, setting.

A man in a garish pink hat, something straight out of Weekend at Bernies, approaches at a good clip on a skateboard. He also holds a skateboard beneath each arm. Three skateboards. He glides through the intersection–a mere three blocks from ACME Studio and the Words After War event–and just as my companion and I begin to really scratch our heads in earnest, two men emerge from between parked cars. The skater crouches, drops the other boards, the two men meld onto them gracefully and they all continue down the boulevard like an old-timey water-skiing act.

ANYWAY, plenty of opportunities to honor veterans this weekend and beyond. Stay tuned to our Twitter account for event listings. As always, thanks for your time and support.

To the links:

1. The Times wonders how Aldous Huxley would feel about the current media landscape.

2. A fascinating piece on interviewing writers, via The Paris Review Daily.

3. BR McDonald on veteran artists.

4. An interview with National Book Award Finalist George Saunders.

5. Words After War instructor Matt Gallagher weighs in on “the moral responsibility of volunteer soldiers” via Boston Review.

6. Here are 8 writers whose brushes with death informed their work.

7. Should literature be useful? Sure!

Have a great weekend.

– Mike

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