Weekly Round-Up: Yule Slog Edition



Welcome to the Words After War Weekly Round-Up: “Yule Slog” Edition. In this space we share seven links relevant to our mission of improving the military-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming.

What is the optimal caffeine level for creative work? One mug of black tea? Bottomless Ventis? 5 Hour Energy shots? A 16-ounce Red Bull looks like a torpedo. Last time I chugged an “energy drink” looking for inspiration I wound up gagging through a highly pixelated panic attack. What I’m saying is, sometimes you can’t force it.

Hear back from any writing contests this week? I received two polite notifications (everyone’s whipping through the slush in order to return to a clean desk in the New Year) and, well, congratulations to the winners. Some fine day I will write a post all about the contests I haven’t won, the idea that rejection is the defining force of the writing life, but not today. Because it’s almost Christmas and we here at Words After War like to focus on the positive whenever possible. Would you like to get involved? Here are three quick ways to do so: DonateWrite for us! Follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook!

Without further ado, here are the links for the week.

1. Ten great essays on writing, from Flavorwire.

2. Writers take a stand against the surveillance state, via The Rumpus.

3. Jerry Stahl on drug lit for Buzzfeed.

4. Largehearted Boy is painstakingly compiling all of this year’s “Best Of” lists.

5. This week the good people of Detroit’s Write A House gained some Internet attention. Read about their mission here.

6. Here’s a new trailer for David Abrams’ novel Fobbit.

7. A harrowing, starkly realized piece on lobotomized WWII veterans.

Have a great weekend and happy holidays.


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