Words After War Weekly Round-Up – Back to School Edition

Round-Up: Back to School

Miss the bus? Read the round-up while you wait.

Welcome to the Words After War Weekly Round-Up. In this space we share 7 links relevant to our mission of improving the veteran-civilian dialogue through high-quality literary programming.

Dear Friends,

Change is in the air. Parking lots once clogged with surly teens are now empty but for a scattering of fallen leaves. Also, I joined a gym. Well, rejoined a gym. And the Internet was busy as usual, churning out complimentary reading material left and right. As always, we’d like to thank you for your time and continued support. Here we go:

1. The venerable Bob Shacochis returns with The Woman Who Lost Her Soul. Read a conversation with the author here, via the Los Angeles Review of Books.

2. While the big story going into the Salinger documentary (out today) was the impending release of five new works, another aspect of the project seems to be gaining prominence in the public’s imagination: the writer’s horrific WWII experiences. Among other details: Salinger carried six chapters of The Catcher in the Rye with him on D-Day.

3. The MacArthur Foundation has increased the size of its “genius grant.” Now there are 125,000 more reasons to wait by the phone and hope they give you a call. It should hit a cool million by the time I’m on their radar, which is fine by me.

4. The Daily Beast’s The Hero Project presents an excerpt from Jake Tapper’s The Outpost, chronicling Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter’s heroic actions, with an introduction by Army vet (and Words After War’s first literary protégé) David Eisler.

5. Writing a book? Make sure somebody hasn’t already beaten you to it. A funny, rueful look at every novelist’s nightmare, via The Awl.

6. Rachel Maddow’s review of Andrew J. Bacevich’s Breach of Trust.

7. A new Granta series asks writers to revisit their opening sentences.

Have a great weekend.


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